Ben Sauer
Ben running a workshop with people around him.

I am an author, speaker, and leader in product design: I find ways in which digital products can better meet the needs of people. I've advised teams across the world on what and how to design products.

New book!

My new mission is to help designers have more influence in their organisations. Death by Screens teaches designers how to tell a persuasive story about their design work, and become confident, influential communicators. Buy Now Available in paperback or ebook

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Workshops for design teams

book cover - Death by Screens: how to present high-stakes digital design work and live to tell the tale

Currently: consulting, speaking, training, and writing

I'm helping organisations craft the vision for their products, and inspire better process and practise internally. I've been speaking on the topic of what I learned in strategic storytelling, voice UI design, and how slowing down can help you speed up. I've given these talks around the world, at industry events and internally for large organisations.

Former role: Director of Product at Babylon Health

From 2018 to 2020, I worked at Babylon Health, first as a Director of Design, and then Director of Product. I led a large team of 100 designers, clinicians, data scientists, and engineers on AI-based products worth $100m+.

Research and strategy

As a design strategist based in the UK, I’ve spent countless hours watching people use digital products; I unearth hidden truths about what people really need from them. I excel at lighting fires – I help teams imagine a better future, put a plan in place to get there, and help them to stay focussed on making it a reality.

“Most agencies that run sprints just stick to a script, but Ben tailor-made workshops for us that cleared up our fuzzy approach very quickly. We were relentlessly focussed on the desired outcomes by the end of day one, and Ben’s infectious energy sustained us throughout the week. I’ve never seen the team so enthused or productive.”

For this client, I cut through months of slow internal debate in just one week. By Friday the team had a prototype users loved: they said it was the most productive period of innovation the organisation has ever seen.


I help design teams scale and become the best version of themselves. As an experienced coach I help them up their game in the craft and communication of design.

“The first six months of Ben’s involvement were transformative. I saw previously shy and quiet designers find their voices again, and new members inject fresh energy into our products. They now present to leadership often, and as a result, are having a very positive effect on our bottom line and how other departments see them.”

For the client above, I worked as an interim design director, turning an oft-ignored team into key strategic players within the organisation. I hired my replacement and doubled the size of the team. I put in place a job level framework, giving designers a clear career path. I coached them to be better communicators and presenters, giving the team a major say in product strategy.

Speaking, training, and coaching

I’ve spoken at dozens of events and companies around the world (The Economist, The NEXT Conference, VW / Audi, UX London, Penguin Random House, UX Scotland, Reakt Breakpoint Helsinki, Smart Voice Summit, amongst others). I enjoy speaking about the potential of design, voice, healthtech, possible futures, strategy, ethics, and team culture.

I’ve mentored startups and junior designers in product and better design practises. I’ve created new methods to design and prototype, as used by teams at Amazon and the BBC.

"Ben has the rare ability to both captivate and educate an audience, leaving them happier and smarter in the process."
Andy Budd, Event Curator of Leading Design, UX London, and dConstruct

For public speaking, I’m represented by Scamp Speakers.

Voice UI

In 2018, I started training people in how to design voice UI for O'Reilly. As a result, I've trained organisations worldwide in this (not so) new design practise, including NASA. I offer talks, workshops and training in how to craft the best conversational interactions for users. I also created so designers can find all the best voice design principles in one place.


In the past, I've...

Other clients include: Virgin, Tesco, Pearson, British Gas, Penguin Random House, the BBC, and UNICEF


I'm currently publishing a book about presenting design, Death by Screens.

I've contributed chapters to:

I've written about how to prototype a voice interface in just one hour.