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Presenting beyond the product team:A workshop for designers

Turn your team into persuasive advocates for design within your organisation.

Presenting design is becoming a lost art. In the age of Figma, internal product teams, and fast-track training, designers must learn how to become effective communicators of their work. Especially with senior leaders outside of their product team.

By learning how to present work to stakeholders in high-stakes scenarios, they'll be able to...

  • Engage people with a story
  • Speak with confidence
  • Explain their rationale
  • Influence stakeholders
  • Facilitate constructive critique


In-person or remote. In-person works better for developing personal confidence.


In-person: one whole day

Remote: one day, split into two half-days


Up to twenty participants

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On the day

Designers will learn about three topics critical to presenting with confidence.

1. Structuring a Story

Designers today will often ‘just open Figma and talk’ when asked to present. This part of the workshop will teach them how to prepare a story that makes their design easy to understand.

  • Pre-preparation: what should you do before preparing a high-stakes presentation

  • Outlining: how to create a well-structured story about a design

  • Writing: fast, reliable methods and rules to write better talks

  • Slide design: how to design for listening, attention and memorability

2. Preparing and Rehearsing

Designers must learn to find their own speaking style to become the best version of themselves. In this section they’ll learn how to prepare and rehearse a presentation, while getting feedback from themselves and others on presenting with confidence and clarity.

  • Preparation: rehearsing, getting feedback, and setting up the room for success

  • Speaking: how to find your own confident style of presenting

3. Discussion and Critique

When seeking feedback or alignment, the game is often lost before anyone joins the meeting. Designers will learn how to facilitate constructive critique, use a framework for responding to questions, and practise the methods with some role-play.

  • Facilitation: creating a space for inclusive, constructive feedback

  • The discussion: the 6D framework for dealing with stakeholder feedback

Designers will come away from the day equipped to present in high-stakes situations, and methods they can apply to any presentation or discussion, high-stakes or not.